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Today, we have started the Sons Of Liberty Kansas Chapter. I believe if the Founding Fathers were still here, and if they moved to the different States, chapters of Sons of Liberty would be starting again and so in their memory, their honor and as Samuel Adams’ relative, I decided to start this chapter for Kansas.

Our Chapter is for True Winter Soldier Patriots, not the Summer Time Soldiers who will flee when things get rough, as Mr. Thomas Paine wrote in American Crisis. We will defend the Christian Heritage and Liberty of this Republic, hopefully more chapters will sprout and we can have conventions across this great land.

There is Also A Political Party Forming, A Party That The Founders Would Support, Catholic Party For America. We hope, as was done in 1874 that both Protestants and Catholics can work together and Restore America’s Christian Heritage and Liberty Back To The Citizens.

Please Visit, Catholic Party For America

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